Set yourself up for success for the week with a WEEKLY CELERY JUICE PACK, a 7 bottle juice pack.

For maximum benefit, we recommend drinking a bottle of celery juice straight up on an empty stomach (1/2hr away from food) each day. By beginning your day with a cold-pressed celery juice, the celery has direct access to the entire digestive system and can prepare the body to receive solid foods.

Celery is very rich in fiber and is known for its digestive, diuretic and draining powders. You’ll notice your skin is hydrated & glowing too :)


  • Start each day with a glass of water, followed by a Pure Celery Juice, and make sure to wait 30 minutes before eating your breakfast so that the celery can do its job.
  • You will receive the entirety of the program in a single delivery, so make space in your fridge!
  • Shelf Life: 15-18 days