Organic Creamed Coconut Butter 500G

Crack open a jar and spread the love!

Made by THREE BY ONE COCONUT using an ancient method known as stone-grinding, this 100% organic, raw, coconut butter is completely raw and never heated. This old world approach of grinding preserves both the coconut’s nutrients and flavor, while resulting in a smooth, creamy texture like no other.

The white magic inside contains the fat and fiber of Mother Earth's miraculous coconut. 


Preservative free, gluten free and vegan friendly.

Ethically sourced. No monkeys are used in the harvesting of the coconuts.

Packed in recyclable glass jars with BPA free lids.

How to: 

Eat: add to soups, curried & sauces. Use at room temperature as a buttery spread. Warm it up to use as a cream. Blend with water to create a coconut milk.

Drink: Add to coffees & teas to make a creamy latte. Blend with water to create a coconut milk.

Nourish: add a couple of tablespoons to your bath for a luxurious soak. Use as a base for natural beauty products.

Note: The oil in coconut butter naturally separates to the top. Before using place the jar in a bowl of hot water and stir. The longer you leave the jar in the hot water, the runnier the butter becomes.