"There’s a reason why I taste so deliciously good; I’m made from all natural ingredients!" Get ready for a healthier, happier, sexier breakfast! Our raw, superfood, nutty granola was such a HIT among our Jus Jus team, that we knew we had to bag it up and share it with our fans far and wide. 

Activated, raw almonds, perfectly mixed raw cacao with a lush date paste, lovingly blended with seeds and gojis, and lightly dusted with coconut flakes. Made of the purest, most delicious ingredients on this planet, each scoop of granola is packed with plant-protein, beautifying antioxidants, and nutrient-dense super foods that will love + heal your body on a cellular level.  

Perfect to start your morning, or to supercharge your afternoon! 


Grab a bowl, a cold splash of our Almond Joy or Vanilla Sky nut milks and a quiet space to sit and enjoy every loving bite. Or throw me in your gym bag for a post-workout recovery fuel.


Energy Booster, Plant Protein, Alkalizer, Brain Food.


Activated Almonds, Activated Cashews, Activated Sunflower Seeds, Activated Pumpkin Seeds, Raw Cacao, Coconut Flakes, Goji Berries, Dates, Cinnamon, Cardamon, Vanilla, Sea Salt.