Are you considering to do a juice cleanse for the first time? Are you unsure about how to choose the cleanse that suits you best?

We advice you to limit the duration of your first detox to 1, 2 or 3 days.

The JUS JUS vegetable and fruit juice cleanses are divided into 3 levels. In our Harmony Cleanse more than 50 % of the juice comes from fruit. In the The Clarity the ration is 50/50. In the Purity Cleanse the majority of the juice originates from green vegetables.

If you think that you will need some time to accustom yourself to the taste of our “green” juices (predominantly green vegetables and herbs), then we advice you to choose for your first cleanse the Harmony or the Clarity detox for a period of 1 to 3 days.

During your cleanse you will drink in a specific order 5 x 475 ml bottles containing a juice mix and 1x 475 ml bottle containing cold pressed nut milk. In between you will drink as much water and/or herbal tea as possible . Furthermore you will not consume any solid food. If you are really craving for something to munch on, than we advice you to eat a few pieces of raw vegetables.

Your liver and kidneys take care of the natural cleansing of your body. By avoiding all solid foods during your cleanse, the energy that normally fuels your digestive system, can be used by your cleansing organs in order to function more effectively. In the meantime our cold pressed juice mixes will function as a complete “fluid food”. Our juices have been made by means of a hydraulic press that keeps intact all the enzymes, vitamins and minerals of the original ingredients.

Each bottle contains the juice of 1,5 kg vegetables and fruits without any additives. A healthy skin glow, resilient hair and shiny eyes will soon proof how these ingrediënts naturally support your health from within.

The juice cleanse contains 1100 to 1250 calories per day. We advice you to plan it in a period where your schedule is less buzzy. In the days before the start of your detox we advice you to prepare yourself : gradually diminish the intake of meat, dairy products, sugar, processed food, alcohol and coffee(!).

The cleanse is a pauze in which you immediately loose the craving for sugar and fatty foods and boost your immunity system. Depending on your body and previous food habits, the cleanse can cause weight loss.

The cleanse enables you both physically and mentally to take the most important step, without yoyo-effect : that is, to make the change towards a more light and more plant based nutrition, that stresses your cleansing body organs as little as possible in the long term. For the first 3 days after your cleanse, you receive from us a menu with very simple recipe suggestions that show you the way towards this goal.

If you have a physically more active live or you are in need of something warmer during the colder months of the year, than we advice you to choose our EAT, DRINK, SHINE cleanse (cold pressed juices in combination with salad bowls) or our SEASONAL CLEANSE (eg . cold pressed juices in combination with waffles/granola, a soup and a salad). The solid foods that are part of these “combination cleanses” provide extra energy and warmth, but stress your liver and kidneys as little as possible, in order to optimally support the cleansing function of your body.

We hope to have informed you sufficiently ! If not, do no hesitate to contact us !

Kind regards,