Please be aware that this product has a shelf life of only 3 days from the day of delivery

Earthy, natural, magic! Ideal for those looking for a nut free alternative, our Pumpkin Seed Magic provides more minerals and trace mineral than most foods on the planet. In't that truly mindblowing?! Magic! Pumpkin seeds are easy to digest, they contain copper, which is a beauty mineral that aids in collagen in the skin and are high in anti-oxidants. A pinch of maca for some energy boost and coconut oil to fight inflammation. This bottle healing powers are truly magical! 


Beneficial for smooth muscles, increases energy and stamina, strengthens the vitality!


Activated Pumpkin Seeds, Maca, Dates, Coconut Meat, Vanilla, Sea Salt, Water


  • Culinary Inspired.
  • Cold-Pressed Daily. Never Heated!
  • Raw. Gluten Free. Non-GMO. 
  • GIMME A SHAKE! Separation is Normal. 
  • Perishable-Keep Refrigerated.
  • Drink within 3 days.
  • Handcrafted with in Belgium.