Attention : some products in our cleanse have a shorter shelf life. Upon receipt all soups need to be consumed within 3 to 7 days.
The smoothies should be consumed within 3 days.

Our juice and combination cleanses offer an all natural and healthy solution to guide you, without yo-yo effect, towards healthy and more plant based nutritional habits in the long term.

If you fear that your long term target will be endangered by the end-of-year festive season, JUS JUS offers a healthy and convenient solution: The Ready to Party Cleanse!

Our "Ready to Party Cleanse” prepares you thoroughly in order to keep you feeling light during the end-of-year parties and will enable you to return faster and with more ease towards your former healthy eating habits.


How does it work?

  • Per week you cleanse 2 days with our extra intensive “Ready to Party Cleanse” and during the other 5 days you eat normally while striving to maintain a healthier routine.
  • When ordering you choose in our calendar 1 delivery day & you will receive on this delivery day 2 Cleanse Days that have to be consumed within 3 days


    Each day of this menu includes: 1 Elixir Shot 100ml, 1 Low-Sugar Smoothie 475ml, 3 Juices of 475ml, 1 bag Activated Almonds (100g) and 2 Plant-Based, Vegetable Soup (385ml)


    If you wish to prepare during one or several weeks in advance to the end-of-year festivities and receptions or wish to regain balance after the party season:

    We offer you a special ONE MONTH SUBSCRIPTION. Save when you book a WEEKS PACK: 2 x CLEANSE DAYS PER WEEK FOR 4 WEEKS. Special rate of 45,95€ per day. Your metabolism will thank you! If you have any questions, please contact us at: or call  +32468192260

    Note: the last delivery date of 2018 is 21st december and the first delivery date of 2019 is the 4th of january, 

    Feel better. Think better. Look better.