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Our philosophy in creating our popular ginger shots is rooted in how a few simple ingredients can be so nourishing and healing: One ginger shot a day to create harmony and balance!

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C-Bomb Ginger Shot: curcuma, ginger, carrot, lemon

Kickstarter: ginger, orange, cayenne

G-Force: ginger, curcuma


How are the Jus Jus shots made?

Separation in our shots are natural. Due to gravity, cold-pressed juice settles and collects as a sediment on the bottom and sometimes at the top or side of your bottle. This powerful antioxidant rich sediment is naturally found in ginger and Turmeric juice. In order to break up this tough sediment, we recommend shaking your shot for at least 8 seconds or more.

What is the white sediment at the bottom of my shot?

From root to the bottle, our shots are handcrafted in small batches. Each batch is made with the highest quality oproduce on the market, prioritizing quality, potency, and sustainability. We then cold-press these beautiful organic roots using a hydraulic cold-press ensuring we receive as much of the juice from the root as possible. Finally, we fill all these shots in 2 oz glass bottles. We have a small but incredible team that is dedicated to ensuring that every shot that leaves our space is made with detailed attention, care, and love.

Are your shots pasteurized?

Yes. We did extensive tests to compare the potency of the ginger shots after pasteurization and the results were extraordinary. This way the shots can last up to 6 months.

In the past, we used to use HPP [ high pressure processing]. This method would apply thousands of pounds of water pressure onto the already packaged bottles. For this method, plastic bottles are used for their flexibility and strength while glass bottles would easily break. In 2022, we made the decision to to glass bottles and pasteurization for the ginger shots although our juices and milks are still, strictly HPP. 

How can I enjoy my Jus Jus shots?

The beauty of our shots is that you can consume them in any way you’d like! The quality and potency of them inspire versatility and creativity into the ways you can enjoy. You can shoot them straight, add them to sparkling water (a personal favorite), or add them to your morning smoothies, evening cocktails, or your favorite culinary recipes.

Can I enjoy my shots everyday?

Our organic, cold-pressed beverages are created for the everyday daily dose. Consistency is key for preventative health and creating a ritual around Jus Jus is always a beautiful way to elevate your daily practice.

How will I feel after drinking a Jus Jus ginger shot?

Jus Jus has always been rooted in making beverages that can elevate you on a significant level. Enjoying Jus Jus ginger shots should make you feel nourished, energized, high vibrational, and alive!

When is the best time to enjoy the ginger shots? How often should I take them?

This all depends on your body. Most commonly, people like to begin their morning with a ginger or turmeric shot in their water, as tea, or in a smoothie. If one is feeling under the weather or has an upset stomach, a ginger shot can be taken any time of the day. However, it all depends on your specific body. Before starting a regimen of ginger or turmeric, we recommend consulting with a health care practitioner.

Can I enjoy the shots when I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Drinking ginger shots is a great and easy way to enjoy the benefits of root based juices. Our pasteurization filtration process preserve the liquid and keep our products safe. However, we do recommend consulting with your doctor or midwife before consuming.

Can I enjoy your shots on an empty stomach?

Yes. Our shots are made to be enjoyed anytime of day, whether you’ve eaten prior or not. We always recommend listening to your body and how it responds when doing so and honoring that moving forward when enjoying your shots into the future.

Are they spicy?

Yes, very spicy! If you have a low tolerance for naturally spicy food we suggest mixing your shots with another beverage, preferably juice, warm water, or sparkling water

My shot tastes different, it’s less spicy or more citrusy.

Our shots are natural and like any other piece of produce, there is some variation in the spiciness of our shots due to the seasonality of the produce. So like an apple which can sometimes be sweeter or more sour, our shots can sometimes be more or less spicy. We don't like to interfere with mother nature and want to make as natural of a product as possible!