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It’s summer, and it’s travel season, and that means exciting new horizons, and (hopefully) a nice new tan!

Staying healthy while traveling can be a challenge, but it should never mean feeling deprived (or feeling so stressed you need another vacay).

Here are our top tips to help you feel clear and strong so you can enjoy those holiday plans in style…



Don’t forget about that hard-working microbiome while up in the air! Feed your microbes with the same goodness that you do on land — pop a probiotic or two while flying to keep digestion and assimilation flowing smooth.



Cacao for joy-inducing energy, cardamon for adrenal rebalancing, plus nuts and seeds for a satiating dose of plant protein power. Keep this baby in your bag, and you’ll never again think about duty-free biscotti cookies mid-way there. Open this up, and watch your seat mates ooh and drool in jealousy.



Pick up or order online a stash of our ginger shots to haul along and keep in your minibar or road trip cooler.

Ginger and turmeric are both incredible anti-inflammatory and fight to keep our immunity, skin and digestion strong and healthy.

Depending on where you stay, you may be able to get your hands on fresh ginger shots from your hotel cafe or bar. Both ginger and turmeric will help to quell any inflammation caused by your ‘vacation diet’, extra glasses of rose at the pool, and the dramas of travel. Shoot one early in the day to help keep your body in balance.



Used correctly, activated charcoal can help the body to detoxify and we highly recommend it during or after a big night out.

We recommend carrying it while traveling, but using sparingly. Have a big dinner out planned with multiple bottles of wine? Pop a couple of charcoal supplements – or, if you want to be extra cautious, do what we do and crack a charcoal tab open , mix thoroughly with a full glass of water and drink slowly.

However, activated charcoal should be used sparingly – too much charcoal can absorb all the good nutrients you’re consuming everyday too.



Always choose water when sitting down for meals and ask for a lemon wedge. Lemons are a natural diuretic and a gentle laxative. Adding a few slices to a cup of water will reduce the amount of salt retained in the body from dining out.


The beauty of vacation is that movement is automatically embedded into your day. Whether it’s walking the streets of Europe, swimming in the Caribbean Sea, or dancing at a beach bar until the wee hours of the night, your body is moving regularly throughout the day. If you find yourself lying on the beach with minimal activity, go for a walk or do some beach yoga—take advantage of the fact that you aren’t strapped to a desk and get out into the world!



Are there greens on the menu? Order them. Sometimes they’ll be your full meal, other times they’ll be a side dish, but either way, don’t think twice about it. Greens help balance your body, hydrate your cells, and keep you running at optimal performance.



Vacation is for relaxing, recharging and enjoying the culture of a new place. If you are in Italy, taste the gelato! Have that extra glass or bottle of local wine! It’s necessary to relax. Once you get home, count on your body to snap back to a healthier routine!

But if you need an extra boost, we are here to juice you up!

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