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Plant-based milks, or 'mylks', once a little known secret - are fast becoming a billion dollar business across the world. With a host of nutritional benefits, and kinder to the environment too - choosing to integrate a plant-based milk into your lifestyle is a swap many of us are making.

At Jus Jus, we've been making our nut-based milks for almost 10 years. Here's some of our favourite ideas for how to use them.


1. An ‘on-the go’ meal

"Mylks" with a high enough nut content, such as our Vanilla Sky cashew based milk (14% cashew nuts), are perfect for those occasions when you’re out and about with no time to stop and need an ‘on-the-go’ meal. The combination of protein and good fats will keep you energised, stop your blood-sugar levels dropping and avoid you feeling too full.

2. With your breakfast

It may seem obvious, but nut mylk is the perfect companion with breakfast. Try it with a homemade granola or your overnight oats for an indulgent alternative to your regular milk. If you choose a truly fresh and unpasteurised "mylk", you’ll get the added nutritional goodness from the nuts in their raw form.

3. As a hot drink

When heated slowly on a stove, mylks make delicious hot drinks to enjoy on a winter’s evening. Depending on the flavour, you can even add some spices (try cinnamon!) to give it a little extra boost. Our almond based Choco Bliss is a particular favourite for those looking for a delicious alternative to a hot cocoa.

4. In your puddings

If, like us, you have a sweet tooth, then you’ll love using mylks to create tasty desserts. If you’re looking for a healthier recipe, try our Verry Berry Chia Pot. You can use any type of plant-based mylk for this recipe; almond, cashew, hazelnut or even oat milk.

5. For savoury dishes

And finally, though it may come as a bit of a surprise, you can even use nut mylk in more savoury dishes! We like using our Plain Almond Milk on vegan curries, on a creamy, plant based pesto sauce and in our favourite soups.

We especially love this great Vegan Mac N' Cheese recipe by Minimalist Baker! Try it this week!

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