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Since we launched JUS JUS we have encountered and worked with so many beautiful, inspiring people whom have left a lifetime impression along the way.

We met Saskia Neirinckx on November 2013 and her presence and energy blew us like a cannonball!

She founded her PR agency, The Wicked, seven years ago but she has been working her promotional craft on retail, fashion and lifestyle for long already

With clients like Butcher’s Coffee, Foodmaker, The Avocado Show and Belgian fave, Essentiel, Saskia’s talented magic powers are shaking the business of PR!

No need for further introduction, meet THE WICKED-LY FAB, SASKIA NEIRINCKX!

What is a typical day, as a mother and the owner of your PR agency?

It’s very different in the week when my son Spike is with me, I’m in a co-parenting situation.

When he’s with me, my day has to be planned with military precision. We have 1 hour to get ready in the morning, which seems like a lot but time flies. We get ready and I make my son’s lunch, including tea from fresh herbs in my garden. I blend an açaï smoothie for myself, which I take with me in the car as I don’t have time to eat it at home.

I drop my son off at school, and usually read and answer my first e-mails on my phone at Butcher’s Coffee. It’s a moment when I’m very productive yet it feels like a moment of relaxation. While getting high on caffeine :-)

I go to the office and continue my work with Eva and Floor.

In the week without Spike, I usually eat in the city, catching up with a friend. 

What’s your favorite thing about being in PR? What brings you the most joy other than seeing your clients fantastically in love with your creations?

What people don’t see is how insanely time consuming our job actually is! They seem to think we push a button and news gets published. But it takes blood sweat and tears to translate a briefing into a highly condensed package of information and enthusiasm. Nothing is as sweet as releasing news that you’ve been preparing for so long, and press responds immediately with enthusiasm.

I also love how versatile this job is. One day you are copywriting, the other you’re curating artists or putting together social media content. It keeps me sharp. 


You are very conscious of what you eat. Is it hard to manage a healthy lifestyle when you're constantly in the event scene?

We have lunch at the office, our fridge is always packed with fresh food and vegetables and we have fresh soup that Eva makes with our soup machine every day. I love good food, and not having access to fresh healthy food makes me incredibly grumpy.

When I’m at a launch, I’m usually too busy to eat myself. I rarely drink alcohol so that has no effect on me.

I used to eat a lot of fastfood, but I changed my diet dramatically when I started struggling with extreme fatigue and stomach pains. I no longer eat gluten or lactose, and a number of other foods. I avoid processed foods and added preservatives. I still like to indulge but I prefer foods from good ingredients then. 

Are there foods, herbs or supplements that make you feel best in your body every day? 

I make fresh thyme/sage/honey tea all winter long. Helps protect against cold and it tastes amazing.

I started experimenting with CBD oil but so far I don’t think it’s my thing.

Turmeric is supposed to have anti-inflammatory qualities but I just really like the flavor.

What do you always have in your pantry/ fridge?

Miso paste, honey, maple syrup, corn crackers, frozen açaï, coffee beans from local roasteries.

You have a 9 year old boy, Spike. Is it easy to incorporate whole foods into his daily meals? 

His eating pattern is a nightmare. He eats Frosties while I’m making my açaï and the only veg he wants to eat are cucumbers and olives. I secretly swapped his chocolate milk for almond chocolate milk to slowly change his need for cow milk :)

I give him cheese sandwiches instead of meat sandwiches as often as I can but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. 

Do you have a favorite Jus Jus:

meal/snack: Milla Vanilla Cashew cookies!


juice or nut milk: Golden milk and the pink one you never have, haha!

We are always amazed at your happy & energetic drive! Where do you get all this fiery stamina?

There’s a storm in my head and my body just tries to follow. I’m dead by 9pm though. 

Because of your profession, you have to be constantly on your phone. Do you find it easy to disconnect?

No, please send help!


Red lipstick: MAC red
- Shoes (we know that you L-O-V-E a high heel!): I shop most shoes online as Belgian shops usually don’t offer heels as dangerous as I like them :)
Denim Jeans: saving up for Girls of Dust jeans, a Belgian brand
iPhone app: Instagram
- Fashion Brand(s): Essentiel Antwerp of course, as I work for them :) The rest of my wardrobe is very eclectic. Band shirts bought at concerts. I don’t shop often. I try to buy pieces that last through the seasons. I’m not very susceptible to new trends. 

The best advice you can pass along to us and our fellow readers? 

You only have one life. Live it doing what you love as much as possible. Money means nothing. Happiness is everything. Say things out loud. Give love without expecting anything in return. Set boundaries. Get rid of who’s bad for you. Take care of your body and mind. Make a playlist that’s the soundtrack of your life. Spend time with your kids. Don’t grow up too much. 

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