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A chat with Margaux Bonte, co-founder of Holy Berry

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Our most recent collaboration with Holy Berry, opened the doors to new flavours and 2 exciting new products! 

But to us, the biggest reward has come from the community and bond formed with Holy Berry and its founders: Margaux and Stephen. 

Below we are sharing a brief Q&A with Margaux Bonte, so you can learn more from the humans behind Holy Berry! 


  1. Tell us more about Holy Berry and what inspired you to create it? 

Holy Berry is a young company from Ghent that is founded out of a passion for one of the most healthy berries on the planet: the Açai berry.

During our stay in Australia, Stephen and I fell in love with (or better; got addicted to) Açai bowls.


Once back in Belgium, they could not find any Açai product that corresponded to their high demands regarding taste, quality and sustainability.

As they had a very close contact with a Brazilian lady who supplied the highest quality, wild harvested Açai, they decided to follow their heart and launched their brand called Holy Berry in the summer of 2017.

Nobody in Belgium knew Açai (aside a few travellers and the die hard healthy foodies) but after 4 years of spreading the word about this unique berry and letting people taste their delicious Açai bowls, we were able to establish a loyal base of healthy minded consumers that wouldn’t want to miss their daily Açai bowl for the world.

As there is still a work letting people know and taste Açai, their mission is set out and they will not stop until they reached their goal!


  1. What is the fave way that you enjoy Holy Berry?

We like Açai in every form or way! Blended with other frozen fruits into an Açai nice cream of melted into a smoothie or warm oat bowl, the taste of Açai never bothers. If we have to pick one way, then we should say (not very surprisingly) as a classic Açai bowl. 

Just mix the frozen Açai pulp with half a banana, 4 frozen strawberries and 5 tablespoons of your favourite (plant based) yoghurt until smooth and finish off with healthy toppings such as granola (Jus Jus has a delicious granola!), nut paste, seeds, fresh fruits and so on!

We have it as a nutritious breakfast, light lunch, snack or fresh dessert -> Açai all day, every day :) 


  1. What do you love about this new, exciting collaboration with us at Jus Jus?

Once we came in contact with Jus Jus, we felt an instant connection with the brand. The values and criteria that Jus Jus sets for herself in terms of branding and products, corresponded enormously with those we set out for Holy Berry.

Every product of Jus Jus, from the juices to the milks and even the  popcorn and kale chips, they all are so tasteful, pure and of the highest quality. 

How could we not want to collaborate with such a beautiful brand. 

As our mission is to make Açai mainstream, we are alway looking for ways to reach the consumer in different ways and as it was our dream to have an Açai juice, Jus Jus made it come true. Very honoured and proud to be able to collaborate with this beautiful Belgian brand and who knows what’s in store for both the brands in the future. Stay tuned :)

  1. Are you: Team Juicy Açai Or Team Açai Dream? 

It’s like choosing between your two babies (Sophie’s choice ...) but If I have to choose, give me the Açai dream! :)

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