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Florence is the ultimate stylish lady crush! She’s not only fashionable but she is the founder of her gorgeous multi brand store, DAMOY and in 2017, she launched in her own fashion line, LA COLLECTION.

She’s constantly on the move, whether she’s overseeing meetings at her Paris showroom, travelling in the search for new brands, styling photo shoots, or greeting her loyal clients. She does it all with a beautiful smile & effortless style!

We recently sat with Florence to catch a behind-the-scenes of her busy day. She graciously posed for our cameras while handling phone calls, arranging stock sales and enjoying her fave Jus Jus goodies! Everyone, meet power boss: Florence Cools!

What is the inspiration behind your fashion line, LA COLLECTION?

My biggest inspiration are vintage fashion icons, from old movies that I have seen or the amazing pictures of my mom in the 70s, 80s and 90s.

My inspiration often comes from the past and I love to reinvent these ideas into perfect pieces to wear now.

When I have trouble feeling inspired, I go and travel! Even if it's for a few days, it opens up a world of ideas to me, every single time!

We are fans of your minimalist black & white aesthetic! Any style staples that every lady should own to achieve the DAMOY look?

What every girl working in our team owns is LA COLLECTION's Henriette Blazer. This is a clean cut black blazer, with a slightly looser fit and a bit longer than ordinary blazers. 

As an extra feature, it has these statement shoulders that give you an effortless yet very fashion look, that we love so much!

I also believe that every woman should own a pair of silk, wide legged trousers, it's feminine and powerful! 

What is it that you love the most about your work?

To have the absolute freedom to create a world that I 100% believe in!

You love to travel, what are your favourite destinations?

So many places on this globe that I still need to see! But I must say, it doesn't matter how far I go, I always feel that right here in Europe we have some of the most amazing places. 

I absolutely love Italy, the south of France, all the little Mediterranean islands! When going out of Europe, I love to travel in Africa for its wildlife, its exotic difference compared to life here in Antwerp and of course, for its amazing people! 

I never travel without...

MY CAMERA! I would hate to not be able to capture all the beautiful things that I see!

You do so much, Florence! How do you keep the work/life balance in check? 

That is the hardest thing!

I try to balance my office hours, when possible. And when I come home I love to relax and sit with my fiancé or have my friends and my family over. But there are some weeks that works demands so much from me, I have to be there 24/7, if it's necessary!

Luckily I have our dog, Ozzy, who demands me to take him out for walks and cuddles every few hours. He is with me all day, every day and he reminds me often that it's time for a little break!

Tell us about your daily breakfast!

I’m very much addicted to a daily dose of strawberries with some greek yogurt in the mornings. My day just goes better after this!

But a JUSJUS chia pudding is my special weekend treat! A late breakfast with one, especially the caramel version, makes my Sundays very happy! 

Favorite spots to eat out (in Belgium or abroad): 

Always really happy to have dinner at Monsieur Bleu in Paris, Le John or Roji in Antwerp or any really traditional Italian in "La Bella Italia"

In my kitchen you'll find plenty of:

Lots of fresh veggies and fruits! 

What are your favorite Jus Jus products?

My favorite is the Chia Pudding, for sure! And I love The Waffles!

And a Jus Jus Salad can really get me fully energized through the day!

And I have always been a huge fan of all the nutmilks, every single one of them is like candy to me!

So hard to choose! I would say that I could have the whole menu every day ;)


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