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We met Sander in 2014 when he opened his own pop-up restaurant, Leo, on our street in the Nieuw Kwartier.

Leo was a dessert-only restaurant and they used our almond milks to create fresh, vegan ice cream!

Inspired by his grandfather, who used to be a pastry chef, Sander turned his passion for food into an art and he became a pattisier.

He has honed his craft by working hard in the kitchens of Pierre Gagnaire, Espai Sucree and Pierre Marcolini, among others.

In the past few years, he is the chef-patissier at Domestic in Antwerp.

We recently sat for a chat over tea, Jus Jus and of course, some delicious Sander-made desserts!


Can you share your journey with us? Was cooking always a part of your life?

No it wasn’t, I’ve started with pastry when I was 15, but it was after school (when I was 20) that I got motivated.

Yes it has always been, my grandfather was a pastry chef, so eating pastry/sweets was always a part of my life.

 What is it about food that you feel so connected to?

I love the artisan thing about a product, food or ingredients that’s made with passion.


What made you focus on pastry making and desserts?

When I was 22, I bought a book of el Bulli and from that day I’ve started to focus on making desserts. I was working for Pierre Marcolini and during the weekends in a restaurant in Antwerp. There I could make what I wanted, it was a very interesting period for me.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Domestic?

Every day I’m learning, not only in pastry but also in managing everything. We’re having 2 shops and a high tea... It is very stressful, but also very interesting.


Being a chef and eating/cooking a lot can sometimes make you feel out of balance. How do you stay energetic, healthy and feeling at your best?

I’m trying to go a few times a week to CFA (Crossfit Antwerpen), I need sports to stay energetic. And try to eat everyday some fresh fruits ;)


What does a typical day looks like for you?

Wake up between 2 and 5 (not every day is the same), work work work, working on my own projects after work, going to CFA for a workout, cooking and enjoying the evening with my fiancé.


What are the 5 things you have in your fridge, always?

Old parmesan, mustard from Tierenteyn Verlent, homemade chimichuri, yoghurt and grapefruit.

Do you have a favorite Jus Jus?

Skinny G, the Nutty joy and the Start Me Up.

What are you currently listening to, reading or following on Instagram?

I love photography so I do follow some photographers with the same interests like Ingrid Hofstra. Streetart like Bue the warrior or young artists as Bendt Eyckermans. I’ve been a fan my whole life of Royal Antwerp FC so they need to be in my list as well :)

Your favourite spots to:

- enjoy a good coffee: St Vincents

- have an unforgettable dinner: Michel Bras

- sneakers shopping: Vier Antwerp

- get a good workout: Crossfit Antwerpen or Ting Tong (thai boxing)

We're still in the beginning of a new year, so a lot of talk about new resolutions...want to share one of your 2019 intentions with us?

2019 will be better than 2018!




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