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Fire Up Your Metabolism!

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Introducing your 30-Day Metabolic Cleanse Jumpstart!

Jus Jus has partnered with nutritionist Amandine de Paepe, founder of Insentials® Personalised Vitamins and owner of Nutrimedicine Clinic to co-create a detox that combines the force of our juices with scientific supplemental aid: THE METABOLIC CLEANSE.

The impetus to create this new cleanse was our own challenges in regulating certain hormonal imbalances and boosting our metabolism. With Amandine and Insentials®, we found a validated course to tackle our hormonal disparities and the METABOLIC CLEANSE was born. 

We recently sat with her to get answers on some frequent questions, please enjoy below and SHOP THE DETOX HERE. 

1) Can you briefly introduce yourself and your professional career?

Amandine de Paepe, eager to learn, positive minded, open for change and innovation, passionate for food and preventive medicine.

I studied biomedical sciences at the University of Ghent and specialized in Nutrition technology at the University of Wageningen, Lund & Cork.

Worked over the years in the pharmaceutical industry and realized there is a big change needed in the way of thinking: ‘we need to tackle the cause of a symptom and not the symptom itself; this in a holistic way.’

Healthy food is the first big step in a mindful way, but additional nutrients and vitamins is a must! Health ailments as stress, hormonal imbalances, overloaded liver, pollution, ready-to-eat foods, etc do cause so much additional nutrient intakes for your body & mind.


2) We are so excited for our collaboration! When or for which persons do you recommend the Metabolic JUS JUS Cleanse?

The cleanse is mostly targeted towards women with hormonal imbalances common and known to many of us, like: stubborn weight gain, low energy, bloat, blemished skin, sleep problems, unstable routine.

These symptoms indicate an overloaded liver that cannot function properly.

The combo of juices to cleanse the liver with the support of Insentials® Detox Boost & the Insentials® Fat Burner Supplement (taken for 30 days) optimizes the body’s capacity to burn fat and maintain normal liver function.


3) How is the METABOLIC CLEANSE (a combo of the JUS JUS Detox and the Insentials Fat Burner 30 day Supplements) different from other cleanses out there?

Our research shows that to properly stimulate the liver to burn fat, the liver must be in optimal clean condition.

Although our bodies can naturally detoxify, a juice detox is the best way to target the cleansing of the liver.

With our scientifically substantiated detox, we go a step further than the other juice cures that only work on the kidneys & intestines: the Insentials® / JusJus® Detox Cure will make fats, sugars and toxins - which are stored in the liver cells - watersoluble so that they can be eliminated.

This scientifically based method emphasizes the various detoxification organs, with the liver as the main focus.

4) What inspired you to create Insentials?

A one-fits-all approach does not work for a diet and the same applies to vitamins.

Insentials® is the number one food & vitamin advisor where personalization is key. Personalization of your unique body, genes, lifestyle is the only way to get sustainable results.

Whether you're a businesswoman, a supermum, a housekeeper or a combination of it all, it doesn’t matter. A low metabolism, changes in weight, persistent fatigue, hormonal issues, skin aging: as a woman, you will get to a point to deal with certain ailments. The existing remedies are often reactive. Prevention is just a crucial part.

Every woman deserves to preserve her superpowers with personalized prevention!


The mission of Insentials® is to help all women to live a healthy and carefree life by filling the nutrient gaps they all encounter. No more worries about deficiencies of essential vitamins, because we got you covered.

Science today confirms.

We are against miracles messages. Together we will go on a journey to a better you . That’s why we developed a 5 "e" holistic lifestyle approach for a sustainable future.






4) How does Insentials differentiate from other supplement brands in the market?

We are a scientific company, not a marketing brand, so expertise & science is top level. All expertise is coming from our consultancy clinic called Nutrimedicine.

We use naturally efficient vitamins in orthomolecular dosages. As personalization is key for long term results, we have developed our own algorithm; a screening test will able to understand how your unique body should eat (DNA testing is possible too).

We are the only brand in market who give personalized food advice with a personalized vitamin plan based on your weight and your needs.


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