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At JUS JUS, we believe that eating your water is equally, if not more important than drinking it. Why? Because proper cellular hydration means livelinessa youthful complexion and a proper detoxification of your system. You guys…not only is hydration so important, but once you master the art of keeping it up, it feels oh so good.

Hydration is the basis of all health and wellness, as your body is composed of 60% waterFor our bodies to function properly, we need to consume more than two liters of water a day (not accounting for the two cups of water that should be replaced for every cup of coffee or tea).

But drinking all that liquid can be difficult, so let's aim to eat lots & lots of life-filled veggies and fruits! So you should not only be picking up the water bottle, but you should be picking up a fork-full of the most hydrating ingredients your body craves.

Eat your water, Jus Jus babes! It’s that simple (and delicious). 

In translation: the best way to make sure our bodies are operating at optimal youth + beauty capacity is to keep them saturated with an abundance of high water content, nutrient-dense fruits and veggies, all day long.

Eating Your Water is a fundamental part of the our EAT, DRINK, SHINE program. In fact, your average JUS JUS BOWL contains one liter of crunchy, yummy, body-loving water…plus a whole boxful of various other vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support you fully!

We know you like to live, thrive, and shine. So yes, drink your water, but don’t forget to eat it too!


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