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In the Jus Jus Q&A Series, we are turning the tables on some of the amazing + accomplished souls that have chosen JUS JUS to fuel and fulfill their busy, beautiful lives.

Today we get to know a bit more about Didi, one of the co-founders of Jus Jus. Born and raised in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, Didi shares with us a little bit of her day to day routine.

So let's get to know her with a quick Q&A. Take it away, Didi!

I usually wake up at: Mostly around 6am. My 13 month old boy is my alarm clock!

I always start my morning with: These days - family bedtime hang. Our baby is super smiley and cozy in the morning, so we just lie around and laugh and play with him in bed.

My go-to breakfast is:  I listen to my body. I’m usually not hungry when I first wake up, so I don’t eat breakfast that early in the morning. I have black coffee. I like keeping my breakfast very simple. Normally, it’s our Jus Jus plain almond milk with a mix of supplements (ashwaganda, collagen, tocotrienols).

When I need extra energy, I add some fruit or green veggies to the nut milk and make it a smoothie. If I had a rough night, I go for our Andrea’s Greens!

My weekday mornings are always very rushed, so I eat while working. But in the weekends, I step up my game. Vegan, gluten free pancakes with lots of fresh fruit & maple syrup!

I take these supplements: I tend to go through phases of commitment with supplements. Sometimes, I’m taking 5 to 6 different ones and other times, I take a break. I would say I’m more regular about sipping bone broth and using fermented veggies, medicinal herbs and spices in my cooking, than taking supplements every single day. 

My favorite form of exercise: Before starting with Jus Jus, I used to go 5-6 times to the gym. But during the first 2 years of starting up the business, I worked days of 13 hour shifts, so my exercise routine went down the drain. Then came the baby and I have even less time for working out. Currently, I take long walks with the dogs and our Max keeps me running around all day. But it’s not enough, I miss my muscles!

I want to go back to sports, I feel the need to physically channel all the daily stress! Plus my trainer, Domien, keeps texting me weekly to get me back to the gym and I have run out of excuses for him!

My favorite daily ritual: 

At work: Walking into the store and planning the day ahead. After 4 years, it’s still so much fun to kick start our production!

At home: After Alain puts our son to bed, I like pouring a glass of wine and prep dinner. This is usually my first break and only personal time during the day. Cooking is this time of mindful release for me!

The beauty product I couldn’t live without: I don’t get enough sleep, so lots eye concealer from Clé de Peau! And eye lash extensions from Gabriella (she's the bomb dot com) at Maison de Trazegnies. I got hooked on them 2 years ago and when I don’t have them, I feel naked! 

My most recent health/wellness find: Bone broths. Since giving birth, I’ve been sick literally every day. My immunity and my digestive system took a real dive. To make matters worse, my doctor told me I had developed food allergies. He recommended that I do an elimination diet and to be on bone broths and fermented veggies for 7 days to cure my intestinal flora. And I swear that my health, energy and mood completely changed after those 7 days. I was a new person! So I do now 2 days of bone broth, green juices and fermented veggies every week. It’s my “custom” cleanse.

For dinner I usually eat: It’s embarrassing that I’m not more creative during the week but honestly it’s easier to rely on the usual suspects: a bowl of quinoa, steamed veggies, red lentil stews, spinach. Maybe throw in some avocado, toasted coconuts and hummus. Weekends I like to try new recipes or go out to eat!

My guilty pleasure: I love, no, scratch that, I adore Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Sorry, but not sorry!

My playlist includes: All Drake, every day!

My favorite way to relax: Walks with my little family and dogs, wine and dinner with friends. Mini travel getaways with anyone I love. Curling up with tea and Netflix. Hikes in the forest and trips to the beach. 

I am inspired by: The women in my family, especially my mom. She’s the strongest and most caring person I know.

My perfect day I would: Hiking with my family to a secluded beach and spending the day there. 

I recently discovered: That saying no is A OK.

The best advice I have received: No risk, no reward.

I go to bed at: I’m an early riser, so the earlier the better! Usually in bed around 9 these days!

My mantra is: Be Grateful.


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