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Juicing for the Active Man

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Can active men live a few days on juices and nut milks alone?

In our 7 year’s experience numerous men have successfully paved the way: they start of with a juice cleanse and proceed with more mental confidence and physical ease towards healthier eating habits, without the yo yo-effect.

Does the cleanse provide enough energy to function normally ?

Our cold pressed juice cleanse provides all the necessary energy, vitamins, minerals and enzymes for daily life. Solid food is not necessary. However, If you want to keep up your workout habits or have a physically more demanding profession, eating is not necessarily cheating :  stick to adding raw vegetables and a handful of nuts to your 6 bottles a day.  Another option : drink your nut milk before or after your workout instead of in the evening or add a second nut milk to your cleanse.

What is the purpose of a juice cleanse for men?

Your craving for sugar and fatty foods diminishes as your cleanse proceeds, preparing you for the next level : healthier food habits in the mid term, that will ensure more energy and immunity. For this goal our post-cleanse mini guide with easy recipes will come in handy.

Weight loss during our juice cleanse is not the primary goal, but might, depending on your former eating habits and physical constitution, be a side effect.

How does it work?

1.         Prepare yourself in 3 days prior to your cleanse by gradually eliminating meat, diary products, sugar, alcohol, coffee and ready made food from your diet. Start your cleanse in a period with less professional and social engagements.

2.         Do your juice cleanse for up to 3 days max: Daily open your fridge or cooler bag for work every 2 to 3 hours. Grab one of your 6 bottles a day filled with 1,5 kg fruits, veggies and nuts each. Drink slowly and enjoy!

3.         Proceed towards your new eating habits with the help of our mini post-cleanse guide.

What about the taste?

Jus Jus cleanses are a culinary delight, not a bootcamp!

Even the green juices, mainly based on vegetables, still have a soft taste, because a limited dose of apple or pear is added.

More into fruits?

Try our Harmony or Clarity Cleanse.

Not such a sweet tooth ? Go for the maximum effect of our Purity Juice Cleanse.

 Looking for a more personalized solution ? Still in doubt ? Feel free to contact us via !

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