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The pandemic has forever changed the way we live our lives. There have been positive changes (silver lining mindset here), like taking the time to slow down and remind ourselves to be grateful for what we have. On the flip side, there are also several unhealthy habits stemming from the past two years. Enter today’s topic: alcohol consumption. 

According to this study, 60% of participants reported an increase in alcohol consumption since the pandemic. On top of that, alcohol sales have grown 34% in the past two years. 

During these trying months, it was comforting to use alcohol as an escape and a way to manage stress. This is OK every once in a while, but it’s certainly not a healthy solution for handling everyday hassles.  

Editor’s note: if you’re worried you have a serious drinking problem, please seek professional help or join AA for support and guidance.  

If you’re reading this and are simply looking to cut back on your weekly or monthly beverages, these following tips can help kick-start the process and keep you accountable.  

Track your consumption. 
Sounds obvious, but many of us, underestimate how much we are actually consuming. So by writing it down and keeping track of how many glasses of wine or cocktails you drink in a week, you can have an accurate idea of how much alcohol you consume on a daily or weekly basis.

Hold yourself accountable. 
Let your closest friends know that you’re actively trying to drink less. By saying it out loud and sharing your intention with someone, it will help hold you accountable. Plus, your circle can act as a support group and maybe they will join you and can cut back together. 

Alternate water in between beverages. 
It’s always important to stay hydrated when you’re drinking, that’s a fact. By alternating one alcoholic drink and one glass of water, you’ll feel better the next day, and it’ll slow down the amount you consume. 

Distract yourself with an activity. 
When you have the urge to reach for a beer or glass of wine, distract yourself by doing an activity like a quick walk around the block or do 10 jumping jacks to get your mind off booze and remind yourself that you’re in control and have the choice to opt for healthier habits. It’ll be hard at first, but once you get in the swing of it, you’ll be thankful and hopefully slowly start to crave alcohol a little bit less. 

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