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It’s amazing how much can be achieved by eating the right foods and making a few small changes! . Follow our 5 rules to de-bloating which we hope will help you to feeling light, happy and healthy! 

1. Make your first drink of the morning a hot water with the juice of a lemon. To cleanse your system & aid digestion.

2. Replace fatty red meats with fish, lean cuts of white meat and eggs. Red meats have a higher fat content than white meats, so they take much longer to digest and can stay in our stomachs for too long which causes gases to be produced and therefore bloating.

3. Cut out wheat. This includes bread, pasta, cakes, pastries, beer, soy sauce. Replace with more: g-f oats, quinoa, buckwheat, rice and lots of delicious vegetables!

4. Avoid fizzy drinks. Apart from the fact that most fizzy drinks have lots of hidden sugars in them, the gas used to make them fizzy will cause bloating in your tummy. Instead opt for herbal teas such as peppermint tea. 

5. Avoid dairy. Some of us digest dairy better than others. Most of us though lack the enzyme which breaks down lactose which is the sugar found in milk. Anything which our body finds difficult to digest will cause gassiness, tightness and bloating so if you feel that dairy is a cause to this then use one of the many delicious alternatives such as coconut yoghurt, rice and nut milks.

Here’s to a happy and healthy tummy!

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